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Episode 3

In this episode we discuss Photoshop, Beauty App,  Instagram, and Snapchat filters.  We talk about how people perceive themselves and others.  We also talk about what we think is a good limit on using these editing apps/programs.

Episode 2

In this episode, we talk about how drive in women is often seen as being a “diva.”  We also explore other habits people consider to be diva-like and why that can be inaccurate.  We talk about how to we need to reclaim the word diva.  

***Note: Ashley would like to apologize to Emilio (TheMilsEdition) for misspeaking and saying he called her a diva.  He actually said she was getting heated and loud and she took that to mean being a diva.  He’s a very respectful and wonderful man who would not name call.

Episode 1

In this episode, meet your hosts Heather and Ashley.  Find out about how we met, how we fostered a friendship, and what being real on the fly means to us.